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Solar glazing is advanced solar control glass for Single Glazing Application. It entails a unique combination of solar PV and glass where the PV cells are laminated between two panes of specialized glazing. The resultant glass laminate that is formed can then produce energy and provide shading at the same time.

Most companies use thin film photovoltaic (PV) technology for manufacturing solar glass. We know this as BIPV photovoltaic solar glasses that are perfect for a range of applications, including:

  • Facades
  • Canopies
  • Skylights
  • Curtain walls

The Advantages

The thin film technology that is used in these panels has been specifically designed for BIPV applications. This offers advantages to the solar glass in terms of performance in the following ways:

They perform well even at poor angle of solar incidence.

Thin film solar cells are efficient even when they are not placed at an optimal angle with direct sunlight. This increases their total available space for installation and they can therefore be placed vertically on buildings and still perform with good overall efficiency.

Solar control glass is energy efficient and has better thermal insulator properties.

This green building glass is the best preferred choice for LEED rating/IGBC compliance.

Efficiency in low lighting.

These are lightweight, shatterproof, has a solar transmission efficiency of 85-90%, higher impact strength, and is easy to cut, handle and install.

Thin film solar cells can also operate in very little sunlight. This means they can perform well over number of hours per day and hence over the course of the year, resulting in a great energy output.

Superior heat tolerance.

High temperatures hardly affect these panels and they work superlatively over a greater temperature range. This gives them advantage of a good energy production.

Very comparable costs.

The initial cost of installation is like conventional building materials. But they have other plus points like mentioned above (performance in less lighting, superior heat tolerance, etc.) That makes them a good economically viable choice.

Strong panels

A big plus of these panels is that they are tough and rigid, with laminated glass that works to increase the overall functionality of the glazing.

Cost and Efficiency

A recent design by the company Polysolar has a layer of thin PV embedded in the solar glass. The design costs £250 per square meter. It works at an efficiency level of 12% to 15%, which is more than a standard thin film solar panel.


High performance solar glazing is ideal for direct gain applications, water storage walls, solar attics, air collectors, batch heaters, greenhouses, cold frames, sunspaces and much more.

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