Green Energy

Switch your home and business to green energy and enjoy free clean and reliable electricity.
Sumadhura Technologies Ltd is a quality and innovation driven infrastructure company which provides cost-effective solutions for increasing energy demands.

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Solar Energy

Solar and renewable energy powers all our projects and we deploy renewable energy projects, in small scale and in large scale.

We carry out a customer requirements survey and design a suitable energy solution for their needs.


Biogas production is a clean low carbon technology for efficient management and conversion of organic wastes into clean renewable biogas and organic manure/fertilizer. It has the potential for leveraging sustainable livelihood development as well as tackling local and global land, air and water pollution.

Biogas obtained by anaerobic digestion of cattle dung and other loose and leafy organic matters/ biomass wastes can be used as an energy source for various applications namely, cooking, heating, space cooling/ refrigeration, electricity generation and gaseous fuel for vehicular application.

Green Energy Projects

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