Plot No. 83 Chorey Crescent Port Bell, Luzira, Kampala, Uganda

Company Financials


  • Sumadhura is a family held Group
  • The Revenue for the year 2014-15 is over 30Mn USD
  • EBIDTA Margin @ 10.7 %,
  • FCF, Negative , as most contracts are Government, also currency devalued over 30%.
  • Confirmed Order Book for 2016-17, is at 20Mn USD, a Growth of ~100% YoY. Risk of devaluation do Exist.
  • Major activities for Group in 2016 are as below
  • Restructure holding to a Group company by Oct 2016
  • Local company formation in Rwanda August 2016.
  • Banks in Uganda have also expressed interest in providing security and WC facilities to around 15MN USD
Values of contracts with various customers, totaling more than 375 Billion UGX since inception